Hiking in the Schladming-Dachstein area

This summer my husband and I did some hiking in the beautiful mountains surrounding Gröbming, where we have our apartment, Haus FÖN. We went to the Duisitzkarsee, the Silberkarklamm, the Spiegelsee and the Ödensee. I’m glad I carried my Canon camera with me in my backpack, so I can still enjoy the stunning beauty of the Austrian Alps and share my photos with you.


These walking tours are all intermediate, but for me, coming from a flat country, it wasn’t always easy to walk uphill for hours in the summer heat, to take small paths through the woods, to climb over stones and tree roots, to feel dizzy looking down from a top. But the amazing views, the calming quietness, only interrupted by the sound of waterfalls or mountain goats (or my husband), were worth the effort. Not to mention the satisfaction of burning a whole lot of calories and the good night of sleep afterwards.

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